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The SW GT3 is our most compact simulator. Standard equiped with a strong, fully adjustable wheel and pedal plate, the SW GT3 may be compact in size, but not in functionality. 


Be aware, due to the compact size of the SW GT3, the maximum width for a bucket seat is 46cm. 


2 Pedal Mounting Solutions

As standard, our SW GT3 is equipped with a universal pedal plate. This plate is compatible with 99% of the pedals on the market (Logitech, Fantec, Thrustmaster, Heusinkveld Sprint,...) and comes with adjustable mounting plates, to make sure you can position them just like you want them. 


Additionally, we also offer the SW reinforced pedal deck as a solution. The pedal deck is stronger, but less easy to use. This pedal deck is perfect for the very high end pedals on the market (Heusinkveld Ultimate, Simtag,...)


What's Included?

  • All necessary profiles & corner brackets to build the rig
  • Standard wheel mounting plate
  • SimXpro pedal plate
  • Optional: SW Reinforced pedal deck.


Not Included!

  • Seat, seat brackets & seat slider

SW GT3 Black

PriceFrom € 399,00
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