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Our Installations


Daan's custom SWGT3

Daan was one of the very first customers of SimWorld. He wanted to upgrade his pedals to Heusinkveld Sprints, but needed a steady rig to mount them. He also wanted the rig to be DD proof, so we used stronger profiles to mount the wheel.  
We want to thank you for your confidence and hope you'll enjoy the rig for years to come!

Robin his all-black SWGT3

Robin contacted us saying he wanted a black rig, completely black. Not just black profiles, but also black corner brackets, and he wanted it finished with a mount for his brand new Fanatec DD1. So we made him just that. 

  • black profiles

  • black corner brackets

  • black corner caps

  • black bolts (where visible)

  • fully adjustable black Fanatec DD mount

Thank you Robin for your confidence!


Bjorn his Quad Monitor Mount

Bjorn decided it was time to upgrade from his single TV to a triple monitor setup. After an internet search he couldn't find anything in stock, so he contacted SimWorld. We were happy to make an express delivery the next day! Couple of days later Bjorn contacted us again to ask if it was possible to use his old TV for live timing, so he added the Quad monitor mount. 

Enjoy it, Bjorn!

More pictures can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages! You find the link to both of them at the bottom of this page.

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