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SimWord Racing Team: Games

Jeroen Vatlet

Jeroen V cut _edited.jpg

Date of birth: 14/09/1988

Nationality: Belgian

Active on: iRacing

Jeroen started sim racing at the age of 12 and also raced rental karts for over 10 years, earning podiums and victories both indoor and outdoor. 

Jeroen is the founder and manager of SimWorld. 

Michael Holsters


Ingemar Andersson


Date of birth: 16/04/1993

Nationality: Belgian

Active on: iRacing

Ingemar is a life long racing addict. Both in the real and virtual world. Ingemar and Jeroen met over 10 years ago when they were teammates during the 10 hours of Mol in Action. Ingemar is at his best in endurance events, driving flawless and extremely consistant. 

Ingemar has been a part of SimWorld Racing Team since the beginning. 

Stijn Deleersnijder

Nick Stoop


Date of birth: 03/03/1993

Nationality: Belgian

Active on: iRacing

Nick is still pretty new to iRacing. As many he started simracing when the 2020 pandemic broke out. Although still pretty new to simracing, Nick is showing great potential and motivation to further enhance his racing skills. 

Nick joined the SimWorld Racing Team in May 2021.

Your name here?

SimWorld is still looking for new drivers. At the moment we are looking for Dutch speaking drivers only who are active on iRacing. We mostly race European Endurace Series or VRS Endurace series. Get in touch if you want to race with us!


Date of birth: 11/05/1989

Nationality: Belgian

Active on: iRacing

Michael started his racing career in karting. He met Jeroen couple of years ago when they crashed into eachother during the opening race of the Formula Karting Championship. What started as an arguement resulted in a friendship! 

Michael is still very new to iRacing, but he has the right mindset and tons of motivation!

Michael joined the SimWorld Racing Team in July 2021.

Date of birth: 10/05/1989

Nationality: Belgian

Active on: iRacing

Stijn started racing as a kid in go karts together with Michael. As they grew up, life came between them and their passion. Seeing Michael race with us in an endurance race, sparked the fire to get back in sim racing and become a part of the team.

Stijn joined the SimWorld Racing Team in August 2021.

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